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Advanced Computer Solutions Joins Open Design Alliance as Founding-level Member The Open Design Alliance(tm), a non-profit industry consortium committed to promoting open industry-standard formats for the exchange of CAD data, announced that Advanced Computer Solutions, the owner and distributor of the Caddie product line, has joined the Open Design Alliance as a founding member.

Caddie is a popular Windows-based CAD system, widely used in the construction industry since the 1980s. The product, now at Version 9.1, offers 2D and 3D packages that leverage rapid creation of design and construction drawings, supports DWG and DXF file formats, and integration with Microsoft Office functions. Disciplines supported include architecture, civil engineering, HVAC and mechanical, and landscaping.

The company has become a founding member of Open Design Alliance in order to optimize Caddie's compatibility with the OpenDWG(tm) standard.
"Caddie has long been renowned for its qualities as a fast, friendly and easy-to-use drafting system, and has been able to read and write DWG files for many years: - But there have always been limitations and compromises," said Derek Bretherton, CEO of Advanced Computer Solutions. "Our mission for Caddie 10 is to provide as seamless drawing transfer as we can, and the DWGdirect(tm) libraries by Open Design Alliance form an integral part of that improvement. With access to this technology, we can provide our clients with what they want - the ease and flexibility of Caddie and the ability to flawlessly transfer their data to people using other systems."

Advanced Computer Solutions is another company in a growing list of CAD developers and vendors who have become Founding Members of Open Design Alliance. "The steady membership growth of Open Design Alliance is both an endorsement of or software tools, and a validation of the continuing need for practical foundation-level interoperability standards within the engineering software industry," said Evan Yares, president of Open Design Alliance. "Our DWGdirect and DGNdirect(tm) libraries are important enabling technologies, allowing all software developers to support the most widely accepted CAD data formats."

Founded in 1998, the Open Design Alliance is a non-profit consortium committed to promoting open industry-standards for the exchange of CAD data. Its members include thousands of the largest and the smallest companies in the world. The Open Design Alliance is a leading light in interoperability issues for the engineering software industry and its users.

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